Reconditioned engine spares stock

For your convenience we are keeping in stock ready-to-go fully overhauled and new spare parts from Wartsila/Sulzer, MAN, MAK, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Pielstick and others. All of them are prepared for long storage and carefully packed for shipment

Spares from stock



MAN Mitsui 35 MC piston crown
MAN B&W 46 MC piston crown
MAN B&W 46 MC seats
MAN 50 MC piston skirt
MAN 50 MC piston crown
MAN 50 MC exh valve seats
MAN 50 MC/ MC-C exh valve spindles
MAN 60 MC piston skirt
MAN Mitsui 60 MC piston crown
MAN B&W 60 MC piston crown
MAN B&W 60 MC-C piston crown
MAN B&W 60 MC valve seats
MAN 5L28/32 crankshaft
MAN 58/64 cylinder head
MAN 426 exh valve spindles
MAN 50 ME piston crown


Sulzer ZL 40/48 B piston crown
Sulzer RTA 62 piston crown
Sulzer RND 68 piston crown
Sulzer ATL 25-30 cylinder covers
Sulzer 6ATL 25/30H crankshaft

MAK 552 cylinder heads
MAK 552 rocker arms
MAK 601 piston skirts
MAK 552 cylinder head cover


As listed, we can provide you with quite a big range of diesel engine spare parts for replace: crankshafts, piston crowns, piston skirt, exhaust valve seats & spindles, rocker arms and cylidner head/covers.

All spares are tested by experienced engineers which we rely on, ready to be send  by truck or airline to the the customers within a short time. The replacement of diesel engine spares on time is a way for a successful maintenance and, in addition exceed the engine life. Usage of marine quality reconditioned spare parts is a savings of money. The list of spares from stock is currently being updated, sorry for inconveniences.

Please send us a message, we would be happy to provide more photos, prices of components, cost of transport, all information needed and detailed description.

I hope our offer will meet your expectations.

Two stroke engine spare parts reconditioning