Four stroke engine spare parts reconditioning

The scope of regeneration for 4T engine parts supplied by MSS Motor Ship Service includes:

• cylinder covers,
• cylinder liners,
• jackets,
• piston crowns,
• piston skirts,
• exhaust valve spindles,
• housing,
• exhaust valve seats,

from producers such as MAN, Holeby, Hyundai, Hanshin, B&W, MaK, Wartsila/Sulzer, ex. Stork, Yanmar, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Pielstick, ABB etc.

We have a stock of reconditioned spare parts of marine two-stroke engine in our warehouse in Poland (Gdansk/Zielona Góra), including MAN B&W, Mitsubishi and Sulzer, Deutz etc. which may be send directly on board or elsewhere immediately in case of emergency situation/ unexpected repair or overhaul. Please check “spares from stock” and do not hesitate to contact us if there is no spare part you are interested in on the list – the list is currently updated.

Four stroke engine spare parts
Four stroke engine spare parts

Piston crown & piston skirt 4T reconditioning scope:

Piston crowns regeneration includes damaged ring grooves and burning of piston surface. The reconditioned piston crowns work as long as original ones due to the chroming layer performed due to the MAN standards. Piston crowns regeneration includes damaged ring grooves and piston surface.

We offer regeneration of piston crowns to LNG powered vessel engines covered with six months guarantee. On the Owner’s request the regenerated piston crowns are certified with Class certificate (PRS or DNV)

How goes the process:

• verification of piston crown measurements
• cracks test
• preparation for hard-facing
• welding with materials meeting the requirements of class and OEM makers
• normalization after welding process
• chrome plating of ring grooves with coating over 0,40 mm which ensures long service life
• final inspection and pressure tests

Piston skirt 4T reconditioning scope:

  • oil grooves regeneration for nominal value,
  • crack repair,
  • regeneration of contact surface between the piston skirt and piston crown,
  • assembling and thermal gap adjusting of skirt and crown – in this way the part is prepared for direct assembling

Reconditioning of 4T cylinder heads:

Cylinder heads of four stroke engines may be regenerated in few options, partially or fully depending on the damages found what allows for time and budget savings. The cylinder heads are regenerated by machining, welding and normalization after the whole process.

Our technology and experience of our specialist allows for:

• Full regeneration of corroded elements to nominal values,
• Chamber cracks repair which came from overheating or unproper previous regeneration,
• Cooling jackets repair/regeneration – cracks are repaired by welding or metal stitching
• Water cooling area full regeneration,
• broken rocker arms pin replacement and bores regeneration,
• All damaged contact surfaces rewelding and machining for nominal value,
• Exhaust valve seat place (contact surface/bore) rewelding and machining for nominal dimensions,
• Inlet seats rewelding and machining for nominal dimensions
• Injectors seats regeneration, starting valve connection to the chamber repair if broken,
• All threads reconditioning, if damaged

Four stroke engine spare parts

Exhaust valves & connecting rods 4T

Exhaust valves of 4T engines regeneration

Both stellit and nimonic valves may be successfully regenerated to nominal dimensions.

Connecting rods of most types of four strike marine engines may be successfully reconditioned.

MSS Motor Ship Service is a supplier of overhauled connecting rods of e.g. Yanmar, MAN, Daihatsu, MAK, Sulzer, Stork, Wartsila, Pielstick.
We offer the regeneration of all types of connecting rods 4T, without dimension limit.

Even the connecting rods in worse condition may be reconditioned.
Reconditioning includes “small end” bush fitting in the conrods.